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FREE Ready-to-Print Favor Box Templates For Your Homemade Baby Shower Party Favor


Want to do your own favor box? We have a homemade baby shower party favor box templates that you can get for free! These are designed with the right colors if you are throwing an unknown gender themed shower or otherwise called as neutral baby shower.

If you are not exactly throwing an unknown gender shower yet you think these might still work for you, then no worries, since these favor boxes has no element that will ONLY be associated to unknown gender showers, just that there's definitely no pinks and blues on any of these. And just in case you want more options, you can always check more designs at our homemade baby shower party favor box main page.




Homemade Baby Shower Party Favor Box (Neutral)

Free homemade baby shower party favor box templates

Homemade Baby Shower Party Favor Box (2-1/4 inches)

Baby Shower Party Favor Box (3-1/2 inches)


Baby Favors





Instant & Easy Baby Shower Tips

  • We designed these baby shower favor box for unknown/neutral baby showers, but we don’t see a reason why this won’t work on your celebration even if you are not exactly throwing her an unknown gender shower. Just make sure that this is the perfect design that will work with your other preparations and you will be absolutely fine.

  • We have baby shower gift tags that you can use as baby shower favor cards! And it’s quite easy to use, just add the name of your recipients and of course mom-to-be’s name with the help of your favorite image editor, repeat the whole process until you have the right number of tags, and voila, your party takeaways are all nice and ready.

  • Think these favor boxes are too plain? No need to worry since ready-to-use embellishments are just a few clicks away. Just go to our favor box decorations page, choose the right design, and you can find our small circle-square printables that will be great as favor box accents. You just need to print it on the right type of paper, do some cutting here and there, and it’s ready to work as a cool way to close your favor box lid, or something that can appear on the body of your favor box, and thus, boosting its overall look and feel!


How to get our homemade baby shower favor box:

Our baby shower favor boxes come in two sizes – one is a 2-1/4 inch box, while the other is a 3-1/2 inch box. Both are downloadable as PDF files so make sure you have your PDF reader handy so you can make use of these freebies.

To download said freebies, do a right click on the provided link instead of doing a direct click. Follow the succeeding file saving instructions and you're on your way to getting our homemade baby shower party favor box template(s) saved on your computer.

How to use our homemade baby shower party favor box:

These favor boxes are designed to carry light-weight stuff since all its sides are foldable, so it won’t have a solid base which is necessary if you want it to contain something heavy. And of course your party takeaway should be small enough to be contained inside, and as mentioned above, our boxes are 2-1/4 inch and 3-1/2 inch.

Open the corresponding PDF file, print it on an oslo-type of paper (or something similar), cut out the excess and fold it along the lines. If you are using the small box, you will see one green/grayish flap which you will need to put glue on and attach on the opposite end that will help you make a cube. You will also have flaps for your top and bottom lids, and flaps that will only be visible if your box is opened.

If you are using the bigger box, our favor box template comes in two pages and once printed, you will find yourself with two of those gray/greenish flap, which you will attach to each other. This will help you make a cube, and similar to the smaller one, you will find that the other flaps are either your top/bottom lids or side flaps that will disappear when your box is closed.

At this point you should have one small or big box that can complement your great party takeaway. Just repeat the above process until you have the right number of homemade baby shower party favor box for all your guests.








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