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Homemade Baby Shower Favor Box Templates Designed For Boys


What we have on this page are templates that will help you with your homemade baby shower favor box. These are designed for boy baby showers, and since they are designed to work for all types or what we call general type of showers, we did not design any theme-based elements on these. But if you want theme-based favor boxes, we recommend you navigate back to our main baby shower favor box page,  and follow our entry for the theme you have in mind. We should have something for both boys and girls on said page, unless of course the theme you’ve chosen is gender specific.

But if you want girly elements on your homemade baby shower favor box, check our girl homemade shower favor box templates.




Homemade Baby Shower Favor Box For Boys

Cool homemade baby shower favor box templates for FREE

Homemade Baby Shower Favor Box (2-1/4 inches)

Baby Shower Party Favor Box (3-1/2 inches)


Baby Favors





How to get our homemade favor box for boys:

When you follow the specific design on our above list, you will find that we have two types of homemade baby shower favor box templates – one that will yield a 2-1/4 inch cube-type favor box, while the other one is a 3-1/2 inch box. Both said templates are saved as PDF files, so you definitely need your Adobe or similar reader to be handy. And just to make sure you will get these saved on your computer, do a right click on the provided link and then choose to save the file, instead of just opening said PDF from your browser.

Just do those steps until you have all the templates you want saved on your computer. And if you’re ready to cut and fold, then make sure you check our succeeding instructions that will help you use these favor box templates.

How to use our homemade favor box templates:

Print the favor box template on the right paper that you want to use for your favor box. This can be your typical oslo paper or other kind of paper that is solid enough that can be used for such purpose.

Please take note that these favor box are not designed to do some heavy lifting, primarily because it doesn’t come with a solid base since all the sides are foldable. It will be great with light key chains, a packet of seed and such, but if you are giving out glass-type of favors, maybe these favor boxes are not the right type for you.

If you think these will work for you, then the first step is to cut away the excess paper until you are down to the main favor box outline. If you are using the small favor box template, the next step is to fold your favor box along the lines shown, and put some glue on the light green flap and you are to attach it on the other end that will help you yield a cube shape. The white flaps are just those, flaps that are the top and bottom lid and “ears” of your box wherein said "ear" flaps will not be seen if the favor box is closed.

If you are using the big box, you will need two papers since each half of the template will be printed on one piece of letter sized paper. Similar to the small box, you will need to cut away the extras and fold along the lines. Unlike the former, there are two light green flaps that you will need to put some glue on and these two flaps you will need to attach to each other. That should lead you to having a cube-type box, with flaps that includes your top and bottom lids and of course the "ears" of your box.


Additional favor box embellishments:

You can actually stop with just the above instructions since these homemade baby shower favor box already comes with some design that might be enough to suit you, but just in case you want to embellish some more, you might want to check our printable baby shower decoration stuff since we have something there that when printed on a sticker paper will make a nice accent on your favor box.

And last but not the least. Don't forget to check our stash of baby shower favor tags that you can use with these homemade baby shower favor box templates.






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